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1. Which of the following is true about the definition of culture?

a) Spoken language best presents the culture
b) Culture is presented by different ethnic foods
c) Culture is best presented by the learned and integrated models of behaviour for example the ways of communication, manners, habits, and beliefs among the group of people in question (example communications styles, and perceptions of the roles and relations)
d) All of the above

2. Which of the following is essential for both mentee and mentor to understand in mentoring relationship

a) The communication has to be confidential
b) The communication has to be build on trust
c) The communication between mentor and mentee has to be open
d) All of the above

3. Which of the following is the best order to approach the mentoring

a) Begin writing a CV
b) Beging to plan a career path
c) Start with jobseeking
d) Ensure that the basics of the living and livelyhood is taken care of first

4. Which ones are the recognised needs of any human being? For example according to the Maslow’s theory of needs.

a) Essential needs, such as physiological needs; water, food and shelter
b) Safety and social needs e.g. belonging and love
c) Esteem an self-actualisation
d) All of the above

5. Which of the following statements is true?

a) All the cultural values are seen by persons apparence
b) Knowing the cultural differences help the mentor understand the needs of the mentee
c) Cultural difference have nothing to do with person’s communication
d) Cultural differences are not important to take in consideration when mentoring

6. Which of the following is not true for mentor guidance?

a) Immigrants often settle in their own communities with same or similar natives
b) Mentor is directing the mentee to seek official website where the information is update
c) Listening is important part of communication especially when is question of foreign language
d) Mentor just strict gives advice to mentees what to do

7. Which on the following statement is true?

a) It is necessary to acquire a residence permit if one lives longer periods in foreign country
b) Everyone must have passport
c) Everyone who earns money by working do not need to pay taxes
d) Tax identification number is the same as residence permit number

8. What is meant by personal identification number?

a) Drivers licence
b) ID card
c) Passport
d) A personal identity code is a number sequence of numbers and characters, formed on the basis of your date of birth and your gender. It is printed in your ID card, passport and even in your Drivers Licence

9. Which of the following is true and important to emphasis on female immigrants

a) Person’s Identity number is personal for each person and it is meant for one's personal use and identification only
b) Is the exchangeable same way as bank account or telephone number
c) It is important only for digital banking
d) It can be lend to someone else

10. Which of the following is true?

a) Taxes are all the same through out the European Union
b) Not everyone has to pay taxes
c) Taxes are only the paid by companies
d) Tax payments are necessary whether one is a private person, or legal person in other words registered company, entity, association in Europe. The general tax liability concerns persons according to the guidelines of the the given country where he or she is living

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