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1. Question…Which is not something that Actor will choose on her own

a) Topics
b) Goals
c) Price
d) Topic not included

2. Which one is not on Mentees responsibility on meetings

a) Give honest information
b) Include all regulation joint on topic
c) Sent invitations
d) Reservations

3. Question……What is one ´finger´of hand of competence………….

a) Emotion
b) Skill
c) Faith
d) Control

4. Choose wrong one

a) Mentor decides goals
b) Goals can change
c) Mentor reserve enough time for mentoring
d) Mentor Understands that process belongs to Actor

5. Choose wright One

a) Mentor must be on same branch of business
b) Only Mentors perspective is the wright one
c) Mentor chooses how to act and react
d) Mentoring is based on voluntary, no salary or commission

6. Choose wright One

a) Stress can be relieve with alcholl
b) Exercisa and relaxin helps
c) It is more important take care of business that entrepreneurs
d) Working without breaks generate better sum

7. Choose wright One

a) The biggest risk is Entrepreneur herself
b) Data protection doesn´t include risks
c) Choosing supplier is riskfree
d) There is no need for written contract or document

8. Question……Who has responsibility success of mentoring process………….

a) Mentor
b) Mentee
c) Both
d) No one, You can’t influence on result

9. Which one is not correct rule when in mentroring

a) Be polite
b) Understand cultural diffirences
c) Act with confidence
d) Go without preconception or preparation

10. What takes most time in meetings

a) Current situaltion
b) Days topic
c) Summary on previous meeting
d) Testing lines anc connctions

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