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1. How many social media users are there (worldwide) in 2021

a) About 70%
b) Less than 30%
c) More than 50%
d) Almost 50%

2. Which activity while working on social media should be done first?

a) Choosing a Social Media Platform
b) Analyzing target audience
c) Setting the budget for paid companies
d) Plan the content to upload

3. Interaction with customers on social media can result in:

a) Many problems in communication
b) Not having enough time for actual work
c) Dilution of position on the online market
d) Gaining knowledge about matching our products or services to customers

4. Which platform is known as “business facebook”?

a) Twitter
b) Instagram
c) Pinterest
d) Linked In

5. How long should be the marketing strategy?

a) It should be about 50 pages
b) It should be as long as it works for you
c) Not more that 20 pages
d) 5 A4 pages

6. What your company’s or brand’s marketing strategy most importantly should include:

a) The most important goals you want to achieve and how will you achieve them
b) Detailed plan for next few years on social media platforms
c) Budget dedicated for social media
d) Strenghts and weaknesses of your company

7. How efficiently increase the range of posts on social media?

a) By adding pictures with puppies
b) By adding texts in other languages
c) By adding # connected with post topic
d) By posting always in the same time

8. Which of the following is NOT a marketing goal?

a) Improving the conversion rate
b) Acquiring new followers in social media
c) Having accounts on all social media at the same time
d) Increasing the number of clicks on paid ads

9. Which of the following is not an expected hard skill in Social Media Management

a) Good technical skills – computer/software/ graphic programmes or app/internet
b) Typing speed
c) Knowledge of Customer Service techniques
d) Good knowledge of grammar and spelling

10. Which of the following is not an ecpected soft skill in Social Media

a) Creativity
b) Flexibility and adaptability
c) Leadership
d) Ability to collect and analyze information fast

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