1. Introduction
2. General Principals of Mentoring?
2.1. Definition of Mentoring and Mentoring Relationship
2.1.1. What’s Mentoring? What is e-Mentoring
2.1.2. What’s not Mentoring?
3. Issues Related to Concept
3.1. The Mentor’s Role
3.2. What’s the Active Role of a Mentee in the Mentoring Relationship
3.3. How to Find a Mentor
3.4. Mentoring Activities
3.4.1. Start up a Mentor-Mentee Relationship Evaluation – First of All The Business Plan Create a Business Vision
3.4.2. From Vision to Goal Setting
3.4.3. Completing the Mentoring Agreement How to Build Confidence Set up a Time for your Relationship
3.4.4. Periodic Evaluations of an Effectiveness Relationship
3.4.5. Solving Differences
3.4.6. Closure
3.4.7. Reformulate Statements and be Creative
4. Benefits of Mentees in the Mentoring Relationship
4.1. How to get the Most from a Mentoring Relationship?
5. Conclusion
6. Summary

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How did you find us?

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