2.Financial Guidance and Potential Migrant Women Entrepreneurs
3.What Women Start-ups with a Migrant Background Need to Know?
4. Getting Started - Instructions and Legal Issues
5. Financial Literacy
6. Financial Innovations
6.1 Ways to Develop Financial Literacy Skills
7. Steps to be Taken at Start - up
8. Planning and Managing Finance
8.1 Financial Budgeting
8.2 Structure of Busineess
8.3 Tax ID and Registering and Financial Supports
8.4 Bank Account
8.5 Bank Loan
8.6 Fees & Costs for Business Loans
9. Interest Rate Calculations
9.1 Simple Interest
9.2 Compound Interest
9.3 Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
10. Risk Management
11.Money and Transactions
11.1 Remittance Channels
11.2 The Difference Between Savings and Investments
12.Comparing the Areas Where Investments can be Made
12.1 Knowing the Questions to ask when Making an Investment
12.2 Where to Save Money to Determine that Mentee can Evaluate
12.3 Capital Investments
12.4 Financial Investments

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How did you find us?

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