Objectives - What are the Aims?

● to develop a job-oriented and efficient e-learning package for inactive immigrant women, who are not seeking for a job because of their barriers against full-time regular job attendance (Mentors). So, the primary goal here is to bring back these inactive immigrant women to working life for their personal satisfaction, for supporting/mentoring small/micro-scale immigrant women-owned SMEs. Mentees will have further e-learning opportunities, primarily to learn benefits and use of mentoring, and more,

● to develop efficient online training, directions, and reference material enclosed in a mobile-friendly portal for supporting and guiding the immigrant women entrepreneurs for their start-ups or running businesses in diverse fields,

● to establish a proper bridging model between these two profiles by the use of the mentoring concept, so that both women can benefit in improving their life qualities while assuring healthier integration of migrant micro-entrepreneurs into society and business life by i-Mentors' support; encouraging them further to build business angel based mentoring, so that both parties will have a stable income,

● to open a new horizon for those who will become i-Mentors; to get to know new mentoring opportunities, establishing new business under mentoring concept, widening their visions by means of new mentoring cross-relations.

Feedback - How did you find us?

How did you find us?

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