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1. A shareholder of the company can’t

a) Invest money in the company and work there
b) Only invest money in the company
c) The shareholder can lend the company money and receive interest on the capital
d) Take money from company’s bank account

2. An entrepreneur thinks

a) Of her capital investment in her own company as a long-term investment
b) She will get return on her investment in short term
c) She will built quikly social status via entrepreneurship
d) She will get income shortly after starting her business

3. Entrepreneurship raises social status

a) To keep yourself operating is enough, the result is not important
b) It takes lot of work to built a brand
c) You can transfer your own reputation to your company automatic
d) Being Femail entrepreneur rises easily social status

4. What is essential when starting your own company

a) A You can start a business without start-up capital
b) You need start-up capital
c) You need to have loan for financing your business
d) You need to take a cource for entrepreneurship

5. The self-employed person…

a) Has to make a lot of choses and make them work out
b) Do as she has told
c) Has freedom to operate as she will
d) Doesnt have to worry about income

6. Business plan does not provide answers to the questions:

a) What
b) Whom
c) How
d) Will I succes as a entrepreneur

7. Entrepreneurs are not interested in…

a) Finding new opportunities
b) Noticing new opportunities
c) Evaluating new opportunities
d) Opportunities for being managed

8. Forms of entrepreneurship

a) It’s allways full-time job
b) It’s impossible to be entrpreneur beside another work
c) There are several ways to be an entrepreneur
d) Same in every country

9. What separate entrepreneur from business angel?

a) Traditional entrepreneurs are not ready to give up their successful business
b) There is no difference being entrepreneur or business angel
c) Entrepreneur want to have increase of value in shorter term
d) Business angel counts on feeling

10. Healthy business needs to be started with

a) Public support
b) Public supervision
c) Mentor
d) Good business plan

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