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Prihlásili ste sa do kognitívneho kvízu zameraného na hodnotenie vnímania vášho modulu "S1-M1 - Základný koncept mentoringu pre projekt i-Mentor" Tu sú otázky, ktoré musíte posúdiť. O výsledkoch sa dozviete iba vy a hodnotitelia nášho projektu, ktorí zachovajú maximálnu dôvernosť všetkých Vašich informácií a výsledkov a nikdy ich nebudú zdieľať s tretími stranami.

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Projektový tím i-Mentor

1. Thousands of startups are created in the world and many fail for the following reasons:

a) Lack of demand for the product or service
b) Lack of financing
c) Problems to form a motivated work team
d) The three of them

2. The marketing plan is the same as the business plan:

a) Yes, it is
b) No, it is not
c) They are very similar
d) Sometimes they overlap

3. Among the offline marketing actions you can include the following:

a) Brochures
b) Social media
c) Email marketing
d) SEO positioning (organic)

4. Indirect financing DO NOT refer to:

a) Deductions
b) Social Security bonuses
c) Invoices
d) Reduction of company tax

5. The roadmap will help you to see:

a) How to develop your product
b) Who will be involved in each phase of development
c) What will be the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
d) All of them

6. To build trust (to make investors believe in our financial plan) it is recommended: (identify the wrong answer)

a) The financial plan is balanced and has financial and business coherence
b) It is logical that a startup has 6 or 8 years of losses
c) The hypotheses are contrasted with information from third parties
d) All important variables for the business are included

7. Newly created companies can apply a reduced tax rate to Corporate Tax....

a) ...in the first year in which their tax base is positive
b) ...in the first year in which their tax base is negative
c) ...in the second year in which their tax base is positive
d) ...in the second year in which their tax base is negative

8. There are certain tax obligations that startups have to meet: (identify the wrong one)

a) Electronic signature
b) High social security
c) Registration in the Register of Economic Activities
d) Make the annual declaration of VAT

9. Some of the causes that can affect negatively the performance of the company:

a) Project expenses of the startup
b) Have a financial plan
c) Not knowing the different financing opportunities that you can apply for
d) Cut losses

10. How to identify and avoid financial scams:

a) Verify its origin
b) Analyze your application process
c) Research previous experiences
d) All of them

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