1. Introduction
2. How Do i Establish how Much Money i Need for my Startup?
2.1. How Many People will i Have to Hire for my Team and how will i Pay Them?
2.1.1. The Key to Choosing your Collaborators
2.1.2. How to Manage a Work Team
2.2. What Technological Development will i Need?
2.2.1. Keys to Create the Roadmap of your Product
2.2.2. Create your Own Roadmap
2.3. How Much Money do i Spend on Marketing and Advertising?
2.3.1. Set SMART Goals
2.3.2. Define your İdeal Customer
2.3.3. Spy on the Competition
2.3.4. Set the Budget
2.3.5. Establish the Actions you are Going to Perform
2.3.6. Look for Influencers in your Sector
2.3.7. Measure Results with Kpıs
2.3.8. Learn and Make Modifications
2.3.9. Listen to your Team
2.3.10. Innovate
3. Where can an Immigrant Entrepreneurship Woman Find Financing?
3.1. Invoices
3.2. Providers
3.3. Indirect Financing
3.3.1. Reduction of Corporate/Company Tax
3.3.2. Deductions
3.3.3. Social Security Bonuses
3.4. Bank Financing
3.5. Public Financing
3.6. Private Investment
4. Planning to Keep and Keep Records of my Expenses
4.1. Usefulness Of the Financial Plan
4.2. Why is it Done?
4.3. How to Create my Financial Plan
4.3.1. Find out Where your Money is Going
4.3.2. Set Financial Goals
4.3.3. Start Saving
4.3.4. Keep Track of your Plan
5. Taxes: What are the Advantages / Dangers for Women Immigrant "Start-ups"
5.1. Personal Income Tax
5.2. Corporate Tax
5.2.1. Advantage
5.3. Deductions
5.4. Obligations
6. How to Avoid Some of the Common Mistakes we Make with Finances
6.1. Make Decisions Only with the Box
6.2. Don't Cut Losses
6.3. Issue Premium: A Necessary Element
6.4. Do not Project Expenses
6.5. Not Having a Financial Plan
6.6. Tax Payments
6.7. Not Knowing the Different Financing Opportunities That you can Apply for
7. How to Identify and Avoid Financial Scams
7.1. Verify the Existence of Financing Programs
7.2. Select the Right Supplier
7.3. Avoid Making Bank Transfers to any Account
7.4. Know your Market
7.5. Check your Customer's Data
7.6. Offers Secure Shopping Methods
7.7. Register your Customer's Purchases
7.8. Set Periods to Change Passwords
8. The Basic Risks Related to Debt
9. Conclusion
10. Summary

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